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Academic Excellence from a Christ Centered World View

Hollandale Christian School has a very Christ Centered culture with demanding academic standards and consistent engagement between kids of much different ages.  So often we hear alumni talk about the lifelong friendships they developed here.  Our kids typically transfer directly into the advanced classes when they return to public high schools in 9th grade & have historically been well prepared for high school and college success.  In addition to the classes offered, kids at HCS enjoy the following:  

Chapel:  The students have the privilege of joining together on Wednesday mornings for a school-wide chapel.  Students from Kindergarten through 8th grade come together to sing praises to God and learn more about His Word.  Teachers lead a time of worship which may include classic hymns, modern praise songs or fun children’s music.  We also choose a theme song each year which is sung every week.  After this time of worship, a teacher or local pastor will lead us in a time of teaching.  Each class also takes a Wednesday to lead the chapel for us.  This is a great blessing to be able to attend school in a place where we can openly worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Family Groups:  Family groups developed in 2008 after the teachers went to a Heartland convention. Each 8th grader leads their own family group comprised of children from all different grades in the school. Each family group creates a family “shield” which includes a family Scripture verse and a family name that the group develops together. Throughout the year they participate in various activities together and at times eat their lunch meal together. This gives leadership opportunities for the eighth graders and unifies our student body.  The younger children really look up to the older youth and the encouragement they give to each other is what belonging to the body of Christ is all about.

Library:  Hollandale Christian School has a Library on site and a regularly scheduled library time each week where students can browse our substantial book collection and check out 3 or 5 books (depending on age) to take home.  The younger grades also have story time each week when the librarian reads books to the children in the library.  Books make it possible to discover new worlds, build knowledge and expand on what is learned in the classroom.