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How much does it cost?  This is one of our most common questions.  Hollandale Christian School does not have the ability to pay for the cost of education through taxation as the public school system does.  Instead, we have tuition which can be paid either monthly or in full at the beginning of the year for a small discount.  HCS works very hard to keep this cost affordable by offering a variety of school fundraisers, efficient resource management, and appropriate cost controls.  All non-tuition funding and cost savings are allocated to the operating costs of the school directly reducing the cost of tuition per child.  Annual Tuition cost is typically less than the standard cost of daycare or having a newer car payment. 

So, what are some ways that current families cover the cost of tuition? 

  • Certain families set aside their tax returns.
  • Other’s just continued monthly payments for school after making them for daycare.
  • Some have opted to drive a used car(s).
  • There are those that have taken on part time or freelance work.
  • Many scale back on things like entertainment, eating out, mobile device expenses, travel, etc.
  • Some who get help from Grandparents or Church Family.
  • Most also maximize the Scrip Program offered through the school. 

Every family has a different situation and a different solution for how they choose to cover tuition once they determine that joining the HCS family is going to provide the best return on this critical investment in the faith & academic foundations of their children.

Current tuition rates can vary a little from year to year based on the total number of students, school budget, and number of children you will be enrolling.  Please give the school a call for the current rate(s).

 A 3% discount is applied to payment in full received by the first day of school or when split into two payments each received by the first day of the semester. 

Monthly payments are made over 12 months.  The monthly cost above is rounded up to the nearest dollar.