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Academic Excellence from a Christ Centered World View

Hollandale Christian School approaches all education from a Biblical perspective.  Our goal is to prepare children for transformation through focus on three specific areas:  Head, Heart, and the Hands.

Head: Knowledge of the Bible, Knowledge of God, Knowledge of Redemption.  

  • Daily study of the Bible to understand the stories of the Bible and how they apply to the student’s lives and the world they live in. 
  • Biblical principles are learned and applied in each class subject. 
  • The Lord God is creator God and students see His majesty and power in all of creation and through the laws of Science. 
  • The Lord God provides and controls all people as we learn the History and Governance of nations and peoples. 
  • Our bodies are wonderfully made and our Lord God calls us to take care of them and use them to His glory -  PE.  
  • Music and Art are God-given gifts for to us to enjoy, create, and give praise to the Lord we love.
  • Stories, poems, and essays use words and symbols to portray themes, feelings, and impressions.    Are they Godly virtues or purely self-gratifying? 
  • Numbers, shapes, and measurements reveal a God of order and precision in Math

Heart: Living relationship with our Lord Jesus.

  • Worship and glorify Him
  • Singing praise songs in Chapel or anytime we want to Praise Jesus
  • Prayer - talk to the Lord
  • Writing love letters to Jesus
  • Spirit of Love as students develop their talents and abilities
  • Work to the glory of God and not unto men
  • Striving for Excellence
  • Obedience and trust of teachers and friends
  • Practicing and using the gifts of the Spirit.

Hands: Serving the Lord God and fellow students

  • Respecting the gifts and personalities of classmates
  • Assisting and helping others who are in need
  • Cooperating not competing with classmates
  • Putting others first and themselves last
  • Building others up
  • Diligently and faithfully completing the tasks assigned 
  • Forgiving others as Christ has forgiven them. 

Through the Head Knowledge the Heart Relationship and Hand Service, HCS enables and empowers our children to thrive in the Word of the Lord as they prepare academically to embrace their Lord Jesus’s call to transform the world.   Soli De Gloria    To God be the Glory.