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Academic Excellence from a Christ Centered World View

Floor HockeyThe physical education program at Hollandale Christian School is designed with the understanding that our bodies are living temples of the Lord. We value the emotional, social, spiritual and physical aspects of each of the students.  Our intent is that students of all ages will engage in physical activity, whether it be through exercise, sports or games. Through these activities our goal is that students will extend their limits of courage, ability, self-knowledge as well as showing kindness and encouragement to their classmates.

The K-4th grade curriculum focuses on developing fundamental locomotor skills. Throwing, catching, kicking, ball handling, gymnastics and fitness skills are all integrated into the curriculum. This is achieved through obstacle courses, stations, and cooperative skills and games. Teamwork, and learning to recognize the strengths of each student, is stressed as we learn to work together.

In the upper grades PE focuses more on team skills versus individual skills. The 7th/8th graders participate in five different tournaments with other Christian schools throughout the school year (soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, and track).   Students not only learn the individual skills required to play the respective sports but they also learn the concepts of teamwork and Christian sportsmanship.     

Each classroom meets twice weekly for 30 or 40 minutes. In the spring all the students K- 8th participate in the President's Physical Fitness Challenge Program. This program includes various tests for strength, agility, speed and flexibility. All students are encouraged to participate and students who excel in all 5 categories are awarded at the end of the school year.