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Academic Excellence from a Christ Centered World View

1st and 2nd Grade

Welcome to 1st & 2nd Grade!  

We begin each day with devotions and calendar time.  We have daily practice for telling time, counting money and guessing a mystery number. Our mornings consist of Math rotations where both grades get to meet with the teacher, do independent practice, play a partner Math game and practice their Math facts on an iPad or computer.  The 1st & 2nd graders split up for reading to provide plenty of individual attention. Both grades enjoy doing Daily 5, learning CAFE reading strategies, practicing sounds for our phonics program, guided reading with the teacher in small groups and of course reading stories together as a class!

We have busy afternoons with more subjects and specials! Our Bible lessons help the 1st & 2nd graders expand their knowledge of Old and New Testament stories and commit important Bible passages to memory. We also alternate between having Science and Social Studies.  We learn about all sorts of things: plants, animals, outer space, communities, government and much more!  

Each week we have Music and Gym class.  We have an amazing volunteer who runs our library so we can check out books each week to take home and read!


We go to the computer lab every Monday to practice typing and play educational games.

Each Friday our 5th & 6th grade reading buddies come and partner up to read books with us.  We enjoy this time where they read to us and we read to them.  We also have Art on Fridays.  We love to be creative!

Go to this website for links to educational games: Portaportal