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Academic Excellence from a Christ Centered World View

7th and 8th Grade

Welcome to the 7th and 8th Classroom!      


The students look forward to being in the “big kids” room.  

Outdoor Camp:  In September, the class has a two day outdoor camp designed for team building.   The low and high ropes challenge courses require team work and cooperation.   They enjoy the overnight camp having fun with their classmates learning in an outdoor setting.  




Sports Tournaments:   Although HCS does not have organized sports teams, the 7th & 8th graders have the opportunity to participate in four different tournaments throughout the year.   Soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball are played with Christian Schools from Iowa in one day tournaments.    They also participate in a track meet up in the Twin Cities.


School Musical:  Each Spring HCS puts on a major Christian Musical and the 7th & 8th graders make –up the cast of actors and major singing parts of the Musical.  




8th Grade Banquet:   The 8th graders dress- up and enjoy a great meal at their annual banquet in the spring.   The students share their talents and reflections at this special night.

Family Groups:    The 8th grade students are the leaders of the Family Groups.  Each family group has students from each classroom.  They meet at least once a month for various activities which the 8th graders lead.  The younger students really enjoy their older “brothers and sisters.”

Intramurals:  The 8th graders are the captains of the various Intramural sports played by the 5th-8th graders three noon hours a week.   These organized teams give students the opportunity to compete against class mates and have fun too.  

Subject overview:

  • Literature studies focus on story elements through short stories and novels.   Students are also taught effective textbook comprehension skills. 
  • English class, students learn about the parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure through diagramming, and creative writing. 
  • Math:  7th Grade focuses on ratios and percents, geometry, probability, and pre- algebra.   8th grade math is Algebra I.   
  • Bible students study both the Old Testament (focusing on Kings and Prophets) and the New Testament (focusing on the book of Mark and the book of Revelation).  
  • Science students study topics in both Physical Science and Life Science. 
  • Social Studies students have one year of U.S. History.  They also study world geography and civics, which includes field trips to the State Capitol and the County Courthouse.