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Hot Lunch is served on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  Parents, grandparents, loyal alumni and faithful volunteers make up each committee of three people.  The first person (listed with an asterisk) is the chair of that Hot Lunch committee.  The chair of each committee is responsible to purchase the groceries for the meal and set a time with his/her group to meet at the school and prepare the meal.  This can be done either Tuesday during school hours or in the evening (with advance notice), or Wednesday morning.  A diagram of how to set up the tables for Hot Lunch is posted on the kitchen bulletin board.  Serving time begins at 11:20 with the kindergarten class.


Harmony Helpers has set up procedures and guidelines that follow state and federal food codes to track the purchasing, preparation and storage of food at the school.  The goal is to create a system that is user-friendly and within the guidelines provided by the MN Department of Health.


Each committee is responsible to purchase the food for the menu (enough to serve 100 people), prepare the food, set up each table with napkins and silverware, serve the food and clean up after the meal.

If you have any questions about Hot Lunch, please contact the school mornings from 7:30-10:45 am.


If you are unable to prepare the food and/or serve at your scheduled time, it is your responsibility to trade with another person or contact someone on the substitute list.  If another person takes your place to either prepare or serve you must pay him/her $15.  If another person takes your place to prepare AND serve, you must pay him/her $30.

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