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Students in grades 5-8 are able to participate in group band, as well as receive an individual or small-group lesson weekly.  Studies show that playing in band develops self-discipline and helps students become team-oriented problem solvers who are confident and able to think creatively.  In addition to the academic advantages are the intrinsic rewards…using the gifts and talents God has blessed us with by working together to create beautiful music.



Art instruction is provided to all students and is designed to increase students' love and appreciation of the visual arts.  Art education enhances a child's ability to problem solve, think creatively, and truly see God's creation around them.  The projects students complete are developed to illustrate the elements and principles of the visual arts.



Music is offered to all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Each classroom receives 30 minutes of instruction two times a week. The  curriculum is based on the elements of music as well as the Minnesota Music Standards.  All students participate in a Christmas Concert in December as well as a Spring Musical.  These are great opportunities to perform musically, but also to share our faith in Jesus Christ.




The physical education program at Hollandale Christian School is designed with the understanding that our bodies are living temples of the Lord. We value the emotional, social, spiritual and physical aspects of each of the students.  Our intent is that students of all ages will engage in physical activity, whether it be through exercise, sports or games. Through these activities our goal is that students will extend their limits of courage, ability, self-knowledge as well as showing kindness and encouragement to their classmates.



Hollandale Christian School has a Library on site and a regularly scheduled library time each week where students can browse our substantial book collection and check out 3 or 5 books (depending on age) to take home.  The younger grades also have story time each week when the librarian reads books to the children in the library. Books make it possible to discover new worlds, build knowledge and expand on what is learned in the classroom.




Each 8th grader leads their own family group comprised of children from all different grades in the school. Throughout the year they participate in various activities together and at times eat their lunch meal together. This gives leadership opportunities for the eighth graders and unifies our student body.  The younger children really look up to the older youth and the encouragement they give to each other is what belonging to the body of Christ is all about.

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