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Sarah Heijerman, class of 2006

“Every teacher at HCS has played a big role in my walk with Christ. Not only were they exceptional educators, but I know they personally prayed for each and every one of their students. To have teachers that care that much about our personal relationships with Christ means a lot to me. Now that I am at the University of Sioux Falls, the decisions that I make are based on what I was taught at HCS. My years spent at the Hollandale Christian School have helped me become the individual I am today.”

Samuel Thompson, class of 2011

“I would like to start off by thanking all the teachers that had supported me through my 8 years at HCS. Without these great individuals, I would not be the person I am today. Everyday, the teachers would push me to be the best I could be; physically, mentally and spiritually. Hollandale was the foundation and the building blocks for the rest of my life. The experience brought me closer to God every day through the lessons and activities.”

Todd Lange, AL High School teacher

“Over many years of working at Albert Lea High School I have had the great good fortune to teach and coach many students coming to our school from Hollandale Christian School.  When I was the girls’ soccer coach I had a small, amazing group of young ladies from Hollandale who, in addition to being excellent athletes and competitors, played with integrity and sportsmanship.  They were leaders both on the field and in the school.  The students who come to my classes with Hollandale experience are well prepared.  They exhibit a great work ethic and a love of learning.  They are consistently represented in our school’s honor rolls and in our most challenging courses.  It is clear to me that Hollandale Christian School takes education seriously and produces great results.”

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